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Expedited Replacement Order


Here you can preauthorize-only your card for the value of a replacement item. This backs your promise to return the original item you purchased, after you have received our expedited replacement. This allows us to send you a replacement immediately while you can continue to use the original item.

Alternatively, you can just send the originally purchased item, and we will send a replacement upon its receipt at MAKS.

Your card will not actually be charged with this transaction, unless you fail to return the original item within 25 days. If you fail to return the item within 25 days, the transaction will be allowed to go through and you will be charged for the preauthorized amount. If the return item is received at MAKS within 25 days, we will cancel the pre-authorization entirely. In the mean time, your bank may show the transaction as “In-Progress”, or “Pending”.

So, please return the original item as soon as its replacement is installed.  Use the replacement box and pre-paid return label we provide you.    Plan now to do that immediately so that you don’t forget.

To preauthorize your card for an expedited replacement, begin by entering your original 5-digit MAKS Order number below, which can be found in the original purchase confirmation email, or you may call us at +1-818-798-5558  9am-5pm US  Pacific time.

Not your Original Order?

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Order Numbers placed on starts with "E-" followed with 5 numeric digits.

Prior to October 2021, eBay order #s are in the format: nnnnn (five numeric digits). Starting in October 2021, eBay order #s are in the format: nn-nnnnn-nnnnn (2 digits-5 digits-5 digits). Please include the dashes when entering.