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Product Overview

REBUILT OEM ECM PCM ECU for 2013 Jeep Wrangler with 3.6L Engine - 05150722


This REBUILT OEM ECM fits the following vehicles:

  • 2013 Jeep Wrangler – 3.6L

Availability: In stock

  • Enter Your 17-digit VIN

    VIN is required for programming, if you do not provide your VIN, the part cannot be programmed and may not be suitable for your vehicle.

  • Current Mileage

    Enter mileage (accurate to +/- 10 miles) or leave blank for our Customer Service to contact you regarding your ECM/PCM. If driving the vehicle, leave blank and we'll reach out before shipment or Call Us with questions.

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  • Rental Program Option

    Convert your ECM purchase to a rental within 30 days if it's not the real problem. Check our Warranty Information & Returns Policy for details.

Availability: In stock

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  • Rebuilt OEM Engine Control  Module  (ECM)Warranty Badge
  • 1-Year Replace or Repair Warranty
  • Optionally extend your warranty at checkout to up to 3 years
  • Free Shipping via  Fedex Ground (4-5 Days) or USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Days)
  • Unlimited Free Telephone Support
Interchangeable Part Numbers:

This ECM is 100% compatible with and supersedes ECMs bearing any of the following Part Numbers:

Firmware Revisions:  68149799AC, 68149799AD, 68149799AE, 68149799AF, 68149799AG, 68149799AH, 68149800AC, 68149800AD, 68149800AE, 68149800AF, 68149802AC, 68149802AD, 68149802AE, 68149802AF, 68149803AC, 68149803AD, 68149803AE, 68149803AF, 68149805AC, 68149805AD, 68149805AE, 68149805AF, 68149805AG, 68149805AH, 68149806AC, 68149806AD, 68149806AE, 68149806AF, 68149807AC, 68149807AD, 68149807AE, 68149807AF, 68149808AC, 68149808AD, 68149808AE, 68149808AF, 68149809AC, 68149809AD, 68149809AE, 68149809AF, 68149810AC, 68149810AD, 68149810AE, 68149810AF, 68149810AG, 68149810AH, 68149811AC, 68149811AD, 68149811AE, 68149811AF, 68149812AC, 68149812AD, 68149812AE, 68149812AF, 68149813AC, 68149813AD, 68149813AE, 68149813AF, 68149813AG, 68149813AH, 68149814AC, 68149814AD, 68149814AE, 68149814AF, 68149815AC, 68149815AD, 68149815AE, 68149815AF, 68149816AC, 68149816AD, 68149816AE, 68149816AF, 68149816AG, 68149816AH, 68149817AC, 68149817AD, 68149817AE, 68149817AF, 68149818AC, 68149818AD, 68149818AE, 68149818AF, 68149819AC, 68149819AD, 68149819AE, 68149819AF, 68149820AC, 68149820AD, 68149820AE, 68149820AF, 68149821AC, 68149821AD, 68149821AE, 68149821AF, 68149821AG, 68149821AH, 68149822AC, 68149822AD, 68149822AE, 68149822AF, 68149823AC, 68149823AD, 68149823AE, 68149823AF, 68149824AC, 68149824AD, 68149824AE, 68149824AF, 05150722AC, 68149825AC, 68149825AD, 68149825AE, 68149825AF, 68149826AC, 68149826AD, 68149826AE, 68149826AF, 68149826AG, 68149826AH, 68149827AC, 68149827AD, 68149827AE, 68149827AF, 68149828AC, 68149828AD, 68149828AE, 68149828AF, 68149829AC, 68149829AD, 68149829AE, 68149829AF, 68149829AG, 68149829AH, 68149830AC, 68149830AD, 68149830AE, 68149830AF, 68149831AC, 68149831AD, 68149831AE, 68149831AF, 68149832AC, 68149832AD, 68149832AE, 68149832AF, 68149832AG, 68149832AH, 68149832AI, 68149833AC, 68149833AD, 68149833AE, 68149833AF, 68149833AG, 68149833AH, 68149834AC, 68149834AD, 68149834AE, 68149834AF, 68149834AG, 68149834AH, 68149835AC, 68149835AD, 68149835AE, 68149835AF, 68149835AG, 68149835AH, 68149836AC, 68149836AD, 68149836AE, 68149836AF, 68149836AG, 68149836AH, 68149836AI, 68149837AC, 68149837AD, 68149837AE, 68149837AF, 68149837AG, 68149837AH, 68149837AI, 68149838AC, 68149838AD, 68149838AE, 68149838AF, 68149838AG, 68149838AH,, 68149839AC, 68149839AD, 68149839AE, 68149839AF, 68149839AG, 68149839AH, 68149840AC, 68149840AD, 68149840AE, 68149840AF, 68149840AG, 68149840AH, 68149841AC, 68149841AD, 68149841AE, 68149841AF, 68149841AG, 68149841AH, 68149841AI, P68149799AC, P68149799AD, P68149799AE, P68149799AF, P68149799AG, P68149799AH, P68149800AC, P68149800AD, P68149800AE, P68149800AF, P68149802AC, P68149802AD, P68149802AE, P68149802AF, P68149803AC, P68149803AD, P68149803AE, P68149803AF, P68149805AC, P68149805AD, P68149805AE, P68149805AF, P68149805AG, P68149805AH, P68149806AC, P68149806AD, P68149806AE, P68149806AF, P68149807AC, P68149807AD, P68149807AE, P68149807AF, P68149808AC, P68149808AD, P68149808AE, P68149808AF, P68149809AC, P68149809AD, P68149809AE, P68149809AF, P68149810AC, P68149810AD, P68149810AE, P68149810AF, P68149810AG, P68149810AH, P68149811AC, P68149811AD, P68149811AE, P68149811AF, P68149812AC, P68149812AD, P68149812AE, P68149812AF, P68149813AC, P68149813AD, P68149813AE, P68149813AF, P68149813AG, P68149813AH, P68149814AC, P68149814AD, P68149814AE, P68149814AF, P68149815AC, P68149815AD, P68149815AE, P68149815AF, P68149816AC, P68149816AD, P68149816AE, P68149816AF, P68149816AG, P68149816AH, P68149817AC, P68149817AD, P68149817AE, P68149817AF, P68149818AC, P68149818AD, P68149818AE, P68149818AF, P68149819AC, P68149819AD, P68149819AE, P68149819AF, P68149820AC, P68149820AD, P68149820AE, P68149820AF, P68149821AC, P68149821AD, P68149821AE, P68149821AF, P68149821AG, P68149821AH, P68149822AC, P68149822AD, P68149822AE, P68149822AF, P68149823AC, P68149823AD, P68149823AE, P68149823AF, P68149824AC, P68149824AD, P68149824AE, P68149824AF, P05150722AC, P68149825AC, P68149825AD, P68149825AE, P68149825AF, P68149826AC, P68149826AD, P68149826AE, P68149826AF, P68149826AG, P68149826AH, P68149827AC, P68149827AD, P68149827AE, P68149827AF, P68149828AC, P68149828AD, P68149828AE, P68149828AF, P68149829AC, P68149829AD, P68149829AE, P68149829AF, P68149829AG, P68149829AH, P68149830AC, P68149830AD, P68149830AE, P68149830AF, P68149831AC, P68149831AD, P68149831AE, P68149831AF, P68149832AC, P68149832AD, P68149832AE, P68149832AF, P68149832AG, P68149832AH, P68149832AI, P68149833AC, P68149833AD, P68149833AE, P68149833AF, P68149833AG, P68149833AH, P68149834AC, P68149834AD, P68149834AE, P68149834AF, P68149834AG, P68149834AH, P68149835AC, P68149835AD, P68149835AE, P68149835AF, P68149835AG, P68149835AH, P68149836AC, P68149836AD, P68149836AE, P68149836AF, P68149836AG, P68149836AH, P68149836AI, P68149837AC, P68149837AD, P68149837AE, P68149837AF, P68149837AG, P68149837AH, P68149837AI, P68149838AC, P68149838AD, P68149838AE, P68149838AF, P68149838AG, P68149838AH,, P68149839AC, P68149839AD, P68149839AE, P68149839AF, P68149839AG, P68149839AH, P68149840AC, P68149840AD, P68149840AE, P68149840AF, P68149840AG, P68149840AH, P68149841AC, P68149841AD, P68149841AE, P68149841AF, P68149841AG, P68149841AH, P68149841AI

Hardware Codes:   05150722AC, P05150722AC

The Hardware Code is a number assigned to an ECM during initial manufacturing. It is the “platform” onto which firmware specific to your vehicle / powertrain is then loaded. Always seek to purchase the latest Firmware Revision of your original ECM. 

Part Number Notes: 

  1. The last two alpha characters in ECM Part Numbers refer to the firmware revision. We will ship you the latest revision which is backward-compatible with all prior revisions.
  2. The presence or absence of a leading zero as the first character in the part number is not significant. It may appear on your old ECM with or without a leading zero.
  3. Your old ECM may show a “P”, or “P/N” in front of the part number. This is merely a field heading on the sticker that means “Part Number” and is not significant.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 6 × 2 in

Hardware Code