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REBUILT OEM ECM PCM ECU for 2015 Dodge Dart with 2.4L Engine - 68229520 / 5150909


This REBUILT OEM ECM fits the following vehicles:

  • 2015 Dodge Dart – 2.4L

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  • Rebuilt OEM Engine Control  Module  (ECM)
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  • 1-Year Replace or Repair Warranty
  • Optionally extend your warranty at checkout to up to 3 years
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Interchangeable Part Numbers:

This ECM is 100% compatible with and supersedes ECMs bearing any of the following Part Numbers:

Firmware Revisions:  05150909AD, 68229520AA, 68229520AB, 68229520AC, 68229520AD, 68229520AE, 68229520AF, 68229520AG, 68229520AH, 68229520AI, 68229520AJ, 68229520AK, 68229520AL, 68229520AM, 68229520AN, 68229520AO, 05150909AD, 68229510AA, 68229510AB, 68229510AC, 68229510AD, 68229510AE, 68229510AF, 68229510AG, 68229510AH, 68229510AI, 68229510AJ, 68229510AK, 68229510AL, 68229510AM, 68229510AN, 68229511AA, 68229511AB, 68229511AC, 68229511AD, 68229511AE, 68229511AF, 68229511AG, 68229511AH, 68229511AI, 68229511AJ, 68229511AK, 68229511AL, 68229511AM, 68229511AN, 68229512AA, 68229512AB, 68229512AC, 68229512AD, 68229512AE, 68229512AF, 68229512AG, 68229512AH, 68229512AI, 68229512AJ, 68229512AK, 68229512AL, 68229512AM, 68229512AN, 68229512AO, 68229513AA, 68229513AB, 68229513AC, 68229513AD, 68229513AE, 68229513AF, 68229513AG, 68229513AH, 68229513AI, 68229513AJ, 68229513AK, 68229513AL, 68229513AM, 68229513AN, 68229513AO, 68229514AA, 68229514AB, 68229514AC, 68229514AD, 68229514AE, 68229514AF, 68229514AG, 68229514AH, 68229514AI, 68229514AJ, 68229514AK, 68229514AL, 68229514AM, 68229514AN, 68229514AO, 68229515AA, 68229515AB, 68229515AC, 68229515AD, 68229515AE, 68229515AF, 68229515AG, 68229515AH, 68229515AI, 68229515AJ, 68229515AK, 68229515AL, 68229515AM, 68229515AN, 68229515AO, 68229516AA, 68229516AB, 68229516AC, 68229516AD, 68229516AE, 68229516AF, 68229516AG, 68229516AH, 68229516AI, 68229516AJ, 68229516AK, 68229516AL, 68229516AM, 68229516AN, 68229516AO, 68229517AA, 68229517AB, 68229517AC, 68229517AD, 68229517AE, 68229517AF, 68229517AG, 68229517AH, 68229517AI, 68229517AJ, 68229517AK, 68229517AL, 68229517AM, 68229517AN, 68229518AA, 68229518AB, 68229518AC, 68229518AD, 68229518AE, 68229518AF, 68229518AG, 68229518AH, 68229518AI, 68229518AJ, 68229518AK, 68229518AL, 68229518AM, 68229518AN, 68229519AA, 68229519AB, 68229519AC, 68229519AD, 68229519AE, 68229519AF, 68229519AG, 68229519AH, 68229519AI, 68229519AJ, 68229519AK, 68229519AL, 68229519AM, 68229519AN, 68229519AO, 68229520AA, 68229520AB, 68229520AC, 68229520AD, 68229520AE, 68229520AF, 68229520AG, 68229520AH, 68229520AI, 68229520AJ, 68229520AK, 68229520AL, 68229520AM, 68229520AN, 68229520AO, 68229521AA, 68229521AB, 68229521AC, 68229521AD, 68229521AE, 68229521AF, 68229521AG, 68229521AH, 68229521AI, 68229521AJ, 68229521AK, 68229521AL, 68229521AM, 68229521AN, 68229521AO, 68229522AA, 68229522AB, 68229522AC, 68229522AD, 68229522AE, 68229522AF, 68229522AG, 68229522AH, 68229522AI, 68229522AJ, 68229522AK, 68229522AL, 68229522AM, 68229522AN, 68229522AO, 68229523AA, 68229523AB, 68229523AC, 68229523AD, 68229523AE, 68229523AF, 68229523AG, 68229523AH, 68229523AI, 68229523AJ, 68229523AK, 68229523AL, 68229523AM, 68229523AN, 68229523AO, 68229524AA, 68229524AB, 68229524AC, 68229524AD, 68229524AE, 68229524AF, 68229524AG, 68229524AH, 68229524AI, 68229524AJ, 68229524AK, 68229524AL, 68229524AM, 68229524AN, 68229524AO, 05150909AA, 05150909AB, 05150909AC, 68242030AA, 68242030AB, 68242030AC, 68242030AD, 68242030AE, 68242030AF, 68242030AG, 68242030AH, 68242030AJ, 68242030AK, 68242030AL, 68242030AM, 68242030AN, 68242030AO, 68284224AA, 68284224AB, 68242030AP, 68242031AA, 68242031AB, 68242031AC, 68242031AD, 68242031AE, 68242031AF, 68242031AG, 68242031AH, 68242031AJ, 68242031AK, 68242031AL, 68242031AM, 68242031AN, 68242031AO, 68284225AA, 68284225AB, 68242031AP, 68242032AA, 68242032AB, 68242032AC, 68242032AD, 68242032AE, 68242032AF, 68242032AG, 68242032AH, 68242032AJ, 68242032AK, 68242032AL, 68242032AM, 68242032AN, 68242032AO, 68284227AA, 68284227AB, 68242032AP, 68242033AA, 68242033AB, 68242033AC, 68242033AD, 68242033AE, 68242033AF, 68242033AG, 68242033AH, 68242033AJ, 68242033AK, 68242033AL, 68242033AM, 68242033AN, 68242033AO, 68284228AA, 68284228AB, 68242033AP, 68242034AA, 68242034AB, 68242034AC, 68242034AD, 68242034AE, 68242034AF, 68242034AG, 68242034AH, 68242034AJ, 68242034AK, 68242034AL, 68242034AM, 68242034AN, 68242034AO, 68284229AA, 68284229AB, 68242034AP, 68242035AA, 68242035AB, 68242035AC, 68242035AD, 68242035AE, 68242035AF, 68242035AG, 68242035AH, 68242035AJ, 68242035AK, 68242035AL, 68242035AM, 68242035AN, 68242035AO, 68284230AA, 68284230AB, 68242035AP, 68242036AA, 68242036AB, 68242036AC, 68242036AD, 68242036AE, 68242036AF, 68242036AG, 68242036AH, 68242036AJ, 68242036AK, 68242036AL, 68242036AM, 68242036AN, 68242036AO, 68284231AA, 68284231AB, 68242036AP, 68242037AA, 68242037AB, 68242037AC, 68242037AD, 68242037AE, 68242037AF, 68242037AG, 68242037AH, 68242037AJ, 68242037AK, 68242037AL, 68242037AM, 68242037AN, 68242037AO, 68284232AA, 68284232AB, 68242037AP, 68242038AA, 68242038AB, 68242038AC, 68242038AD, 68242038AE, 68242038AF, 68242038AG, 68242038AH, 68242038AJ, 68242038AK, 68242038AL, 68242038AM, 68242038AN, 68242038AO, 68284233AA, 68284233AB, 68242038AP, 68242039AA, 68242039AB, 68242039AC, 68242039AD, 68242039AE, 68242039AF, 68242039AG, 68242039AH, 68242039AJ, 68242039AK, 68242039AL, 68242039AM, 68242039AN, 68242039AO, 68284234AA, 68284234AB, 68242039AP, 68242040AA, 68242040AB, 68242040AC, 68242040AD, 68242040AE, 68242040AF, 68242040AG, 68242040AH, 68242040AJ, 68242040AK, 68242040AL, 68242040AM, 68242040AN, 68242040AO, 68284235AA, 68284235AB, 68242040AP, 68242041AA, 68242041AB, 68242041AC, 68242041AD, 68242041AE, 68242041AF, 68242041AG, 68242041AH, 68242041AJ, 68242041AK, 68242041AL, 68242041AM, 68242041AN, 68242041AO, 68284237AA, 68284237AB, 68242041AP, 68242042AA, 68242042AB, 68242042AC, 68242042AD, 68242042AE, 68242042AF, 68242042AG, 68242042AH, 68242042AJ, 68242042AK, 68242042AL, 68242042AM, 68242042AN, 68242042AO, 68284238AA, 68284238AB, 68242042AP, 68242043AA, 68242043AB, 68242043AC, 68242043AD, 68242043AE, 68242043AF, 68242043AG, 68242043AH, 68242043AJ, 68242043AK, 68242043AL, 68242043AM, 68242043AN, 68242043AO, 68284239AA, 68284239AB, 68242043AP, 68242044AA, 68242044AB, 68242044AC, 68242044AD, 68242044AE, 68242044AF, 68242044AG, 68242044AH, 68242044AJ, 68242044AK, 68242044AL, 68242044AM, 68242044AN, 68284240AA, 68284240AB, 68242044AO, 68242045AA, 68242045AB, 68242045AC, 68242045AD, 68242045AE, 68242045AF, 68242045AG, 68242045AH, 68242045AJ, 68242045AK, 68242045AL, 68242045AM, 68242045AN, 68284241AA, 68284241AB, 68242045AO, 68242046AA, 68242046AB, 68242046AC, 68242046AD, 68242046AE, 68242046AF, 68242046AG, 68242046AH, 68242046AJ, 68242046AK, 68242046AL, 68242046AM, 68242046AN, 68284242AA, 68284242AB, 68242046AO, 68242047AA, 68242047AB, 68242047AC, 68242047AD, 68242047AE, 68242047AF, 68242047AG, 68242047AH, 68242047AJ, 68242047AK, 68242047AL, 68242047AM, 68242047AN, 68284243AA, 68284243AB, 68242047AO, 68242048AA, 68242048AB, 68242048AC, 68242048AD, 68242048AE, 68242048AF, 68242048AG, 68242048AH, 68242048AJ, 68242048AK, 68242048AL, 68242048AM, 68242048AN, 68284244AA, 68284244AB, 68242048AO, 68242049AA, 68242049AB, 68242049AC, 68242049AD, 68242049AE, 68242049AF, 68242049AG, 68242049AH, 68242049AJ, 68242049AK, 68242049AL, 68242049AM, 68242049AN, 68284245AA, 68284245AB, 68242049AO, 68242050AA, 68242050AB, 68242050AC, 68242050AD, 68242050AE, 68242050AF, 68242050AG, 68242050AH, 68242050AJ, 68242050AK, 68242050AL, 68242050AM, 68242050AN, 68284247AA, 68284247AB, 68242050AO, 68242051AA, 68242051AB, 68242051AC, 68242051AD, 68242051AE, 68242051AF, 68242051AG, 68242051AH, 68242051AJ, 68242051AK, 68242051AL, 68242051AM, 68242051AN, 68284248AA, 68284248AB, 68242051AO, 68242052AA, 68242052AB, 68242052AC, 68242052AD, 68242052AE, 68242052AF, 68242052AG, 68242052AH, 68242052AJ, 68242052AK, 68242052AL, 68242052AM, 68242052AN, 68284249AA, 68284249AB, 68242052AO, 68242053AA, 68242053AB, 68242053AC, 68242053AD, 68242053AE, 68242053AF, 68242053AG, 68242053AH, 68242053AJ, 68242053AK, 68242053AL, 68242053AM, 68242053AN, 68284250AA, 68284250AB, 68242053AO, 68242054AA, 68242054AB, 68242054AC, 68242054AD, 68242054AE, 68242054AF, 68242054AG, 68242054AH, 68242054AJ, 68242054AK, 68242054AL, 68242054AM, 68242054AN, 68284251AA, 68284251AB, 68242054AO, 68242055AA, 68242055AB, 68242055AC, 68242055AD, 68242055AE, 68242055AF, 68242055AG, 68242055AH, 68242055AJ, 68242055AK, 68242055AL, 68242055AM, 68242055AN, 68284252AA, 68284252AB, 68242055AO, 68242056AA, 68242056AB, 68242056AC, 68242056AD, 68242056AE, 68242056AF, 68242056AG, 68242056AH, 68242056AJ, 68242056AK, 68242056AL, 68242056AM, 68242056AN, 68284253AA, 68284253AB, 68242056AO, 68242057AA, 68242057AB, 68242057AC, 68242057AD, 68242057AE, 68242057AF, 68242057AG, 68242057AH, 68242057AJ, 68242057AK, 68242057AL, 68242057AM, 68242057AN, 68284254AA, 68284254AB, 68242057AO, 68242058AA, 68242058AB, 68242058AC, 68242058AD, 68242058AE, 68242058AF, 68242058AG, 68242058AH, 68242058AJ, 68242058AK, 68242058AL, 68242058AM, 68242058AN, 68242058AO, 68284255AA, 68284255AB, 68242058AP, 68242059AA, 68242059AB, 68242059AC, 68242059AD, 68242059AE, 68242059AF, 68242059AG, 68242059AH, 68242059AJ, 68242059AK, 68242059AL, 68242059AM, 68242059AN, 68242059AO, 68284257AA, 68284257AB, 68242059AP, 68242060AA, 68242060AB, 68242060AC, 68242060AD, 68242060AE, 68242060AF, 68242060AG, 68242060AH, 68242060AJ, 68242060AK, 68242060AL, 68242060AM, 68242060AN, 68242060AO, 68284258AA, 68284258AB, 68242060AP, 68242061AA, 68242061AB, 68242061AC, 68242061AD, 68242061AE, 68242061AF, 68242061AG, 68242061AH, 68242061AJ, 68242061AK, 68242061AL, 68242061AM, 68242061AN, 68242061AO, 68284259AA, 68284259AB, 68242061AP

Hardware Codes:   68229520AD, 5150909

The Hardware Code is a number assigned to an ECM during initial manufacturing. It is the “platform” onto which firmware specific to your vehicle / powertrain is then loaded. Always seek to purchase the latest Firmware Revision of your original ECM. 

Part Number Notes: 

  1. The last two alpha characters in ECM Part Numbers refer to the firmware revision. We will ship you the latest revision which is backward-compatible with all prior revisions.
  2. The presence or absence of a leading zero as the first character in the part number is not significant. It may appear on your old ECM with or without a leading zero.
  3. Your old ECM may show a “P”, or “P/N” in front of the part number. This is merely a field heading on the sticker that means “Part Number” and is not significant.

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Hardware Code

05150909AA, 05150909AB, 05150909AC, 05150909AD