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Product Overview

REBUILT OEM ECM PCM ECU for 2007 Dodge Caliber with 1.8L Engine - 04692101 / 05150471 / 05150523


This REBUILT OEM ECM fits the following vehicles:

  • 2007 Dodge Caliber – 1.8L

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Out of stock

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  • Rebuilt OEM Engine Control  Module  (ECM)Warranty Badge
  • 1-Year Replace or Repair Warranty
  • Optionally extend your warranty at checkout to up to 3 years
  • Free Shipping via  Fedex Ground (4-5 Days) or USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Days)
  • Unlimited Free Telephone Support
Interchangeable Part Numbers:

This ECM is 100% compatible with and supersedes ECMs bearing any of the following Part Numbers:

Firmware Revisions:  68000100AB, 68000100AC, 68000100AD, 68000100AE, 68000100AF, 68000100AG, 68000100AH, 68000100AI, 68000100AJ, 68000100AK, 68000103AB, 68000103AC, 68000103AD, 68000103AE, 68000103AF, 68000103AG, 68000103AH, 68000103AI, 68000103AJ, 68000103AK, 05094944AC, 05094944AD, 05094944AE, 05094944AF, 05094944AG, 05094944AI, 58094944AC, 68000104AB, 68000104AC, 68000104AD, 68000104AE, 68000104AF, 68000104AG, 68000104AH, 68000104AI, 68000104AJ, 68000104AK, 68000104AL, 05094945AC, 05094945AD, 05094945AE, 05094945AF, 05094945AG, 05094945AI, 58094945AC, 68000105AB, 68000105AC, 68000105AD, 68000105AE, 68000105AF, 68000105AG, 68000105AH, 68000105AI, 68000105AJ, 68000105AL , 68000126AB, 68000126AC, 68000126AD, 68000126AE, 68000126AF, 68000126AG, 68000126AH, 68000126AI, 68000126AJ, 68000126AK, 05094948AC, 05094948AD, 05094948AE, 05094948AF, 05094948AG, 05094948AI, 68000127AB, 68000127AC, 68000127AD, 68000127AE, 68000127AF, 68000127AG, 68000127AH, 68000127AI, 68000127AJ, 68000127AK, 68000127AL , 68000131AB, 68000131AC, 68000131AD, 68000131AE, 68000131AF, 68000131AG, 68000131AH, 68000131AI, 68000131AJ, 68000132AB, 68000132AC, 68000132AD, 68000132AE, 68000132AF, 68000132AG, 68000132AH, 68000132AI, 68000132AJ, 68000132AK, 05094950AC, 05094950AD, 05094950AE, 05094950AF, 05094950AG, 05094950AI, 68000135AB, 68000135AC, 68000135AD, 68000135AE, 68000135AF, 68000135AG, 68000135AH, 68000135AI, 68000135AJ, 68000135AK, 68000135AL , 05094951AC, 05094951AD, 05094951AE, 05094951AF, 05094951AG, 05094951AI, 68000136AB, 68000136AC, 68000136AD, 68000136AE, 68000136AF, 68000136AG, 68000136AH, 68000136AI, 68000136AJ, 68000136AK, 05094942AC, 05094942AD, 05094942AE, 05094942AF, 05094942AG, 05094942AI, 58094942AC, 68001101AB, 68001101AC, 68001101AD, 68001101AE, 68001101AF, 68001101AG, 68001101AH, 68001101AI, 68001101AJ, 68001101AK, 68001101AL, 05094943AC, 05094943AD, 05094943AE, 05094943AF, 05094943AG, 05094943AI, 58094943AC, 68001102AB, 68001102AC, 68001102AD, 68001102AE, 68001102AF, 68001102AG, 68001102AH, 68001102AI, 68001102AJ, 68001102AK, 68020144AA, 68020144AB, 68020144AC, 68020144AD, 68020144AE, 68020144AF, 68020144AG, 68020144AH, 68020144AI, P68000100AB, P68000100AC, P68000100AD, P68000100AE, P68000100AF, P68000100AG, P68000100AH, P68000100AI, P68000100AJ, P68000100AK, P68000103AB, P68000103AC, P68000103AD, P68000103AE, P68000103AF, P68000103AG, P68000103AH, P68000103AI, P68000103AJ, P68000103AK, P05094944AC, P05094944AD, P05094944AE, P05094944AF, P05094944AG, P05094944AI, P58094944AC, P68000104AB, P68000104AC, P68000104AD, P68000104AE, P68000104AF, P68000104AG, P68000104AH, P68000104AI, P68000104AJ, P68000104AK, P68000104AL, P05094945AC, P05094945AD, P05094945AE, P05094945AF, P05094945AG, P05094945AI, P58094945AC, P68000105AB, P68000105AC, P68000105AD, P68000105AE, P68000105AF, P68000105AG, P68000105AH, P68000105AI, P68000105AJ, P68000105AL P, P68000126AB, P68000126AC, P68000126AD, P68000126AE, P68000126AF, P68000126AG, P68000126AH, P68000126AI, P68000126AJ, P68000126AK, P05094948AC, P05094948AD, P05094948AE, P05094948AF, P05094948AG, P05094948AI, P68000127AB, P68000127AC, P68000127AD, P68000127AE, P68000127AF, P68000127AG, P68000127AH, P68000127AI, P68000127AJ, P68000127AK, P68000127AL P, P68000131AB, P68000131AC, P68000131AD, P68000131AE, P68000131AF, P68000131AG, P68000131AH, P68000131AI, P68000131AJ, P68000132AB, P68000132AC, P68000132AD, P68000132AE, P68000132AF, P68000132AG, P68000132AH, P68000132AI, P68000132AJ, P68000132AK, P05094950AC, P05094950AD, P05094950AE, P05094950AF, P05094950AG, P05094950AI, P68000135AB, P68000135AC, P68000135AD, P68000135AE, P68000135AF, P68000135AG, P68000135AH, P68000135AI, P68000135AJ, P68000135AK, P68000135AL P, P05094951AC, P05094951AD, P05094951AE, P05094951AF, P05094951AG, P05094951AI, P68000136AB, P68000136AC, P68000136AD, P68000136AE, P68000136AF, P68000136AG, P68000136AH, P68000136AI, P68000136AJ, P68000136AK, P05094942AC, P05094942AD, P05094942AE, P05094942AF, P05094942AG, P05094942AI, P58094942AC, P68001101AB, P68001101AC, P68001101AD, P68001101AE, P68001101AF, P68001101AG, P68001101AH, P68001101AI, P68001101AJ, P68001101AK, P68001101AL, P05094943AC, P05094943AD, P05094943AE, P05094943AF, P05094943AG, P05094943AI, P58094943AC, P68001102AB, P68001102AC, P68001102AD, P68001102AE, P68001102AF, P68001102AG, P68001102AH, P68001102AI, P68001102AJ, P68001102AK, P68020144AA, P68020144AB, P68020144AC, P68020144AD, P68020144AE, P68020144AF, P68020144AG, P68020144AH, P68020144AI

Hardware Codes:   
04692101AD, 04692101AE, 05150471AA, 05150523AA, P04692101AD, P04692101AE, P05150471AA, P05150523AA

The Hardware Code is a number assigned to an ECM during initial manufacturing. It is the “platform” onto which firmware specific to your vehicle / powertrain is then loaded. Always seek to purchase the latest Firmware Revision of your original ECM. 

Part Number Notes: 

  1. The last two alpha characters in ECM Part Numbers refer to the firmware revision. We will ship you the latest revision which is backward-compatible with all prior revisions.
  2. The presence or absence of a leading zero as the first character in the part number is not significant. It may appear on your old ECM with or without a leading zero.
  3. Your old ECM may show a “P”, or “P/N” in front of the part number. This is merely a field heading on the sticker that means “Part Number” and is not significant.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 6 × 2 in

Hardware Code

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