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Pre-Owned OEM Body Control Module (BCM) for 2005 Chrysler 300 / Dodge Magnum / Charger Part # 56040698

Note: Your vehicle may or may not need a replacement FCM.   If we have overhauled your IPM and have recommended that you replace the FCM, it is likely we found insufficient issues with your IPM to explain your vehicle’s symptoms.  This FCM attaches directly to the IPM as well as to the wire harness.     It fits the following vehicles
  • 2005 Dodge Charger- Verify Part Number
  • 2005 Dodge Magnum – Verify Part Number
  • 2005 Chrysler 300 – Verify Part Number


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Convert your purchase to a rental within 30 days if the part is not the real problem. Check our Warranty Information & Returns Policy for details.

This is a used Multifunction Body Control Module (BCM) from a salvage vehicle and has been inspected and cleaned.   It is sometimes also referred to as a Front Control Module (FCM) or a Multi Function Module. All OEM parts. Free Shipping. 90-day Warranty. If we have recommended that you purchase this FCM as part of your IPM Purchase or Overhaul for expediency in restoring your vehicle to operation, and it turns out later that you do not need it, you may return it to us at your shipping expense for a full refund. Interchangeable Part Numbers: This FCM is 100% compatible with FCMs bearing any of the following Part Numbers: 56040698AA, 56040698AB, 56040698AC, 56040698AD, 56040698AE, P56040698AA, P56040698AB, P56040698AC, P56040698AD, P56040698AE Part Number Notes:

  • The last two alpha characters in FCM Part Numbers refer only to the date of manufacture and are completely interchangeable with each other.
  • The presence or absence of a leading zero as the first character in the part number is not significant. It may appear on your old FCM with or without a leading zero.
  • Your old FCM may show a "P", or "P/N" in front of the part number. This is merely a field heading on the sticker that means "Part Number" and is not significant.