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  • The Auto Stop-Go feature is a fuel-saving mechanism that shuts off the engine when the vehicle is at idle, such as at a traffic light. The engine is automatically restarted as soon as the driver takes his or her foot off the brake pedal. The system has a battery pack, and uses a modified alternator that generates current and also works as a starter to restart the engine. If equipped, the ECM is specially designed to support this feature.
  • "Chassis Cab" is the official designation of trucks Chrysler sells for further customization to particular commercial needs. The add-ons may be ordered from Chrysler or installed by a 3rd party "Upfitter" Provider. RAM 5500, 4500, and sometimes 3500's are marketed this way.
  • Not to be confused with an Engine Computer (ECM / PCM), a  Front Control Module (FCM), also sometimes referred to as a Body Control Module (BCM) attaches to the TIPM (fusebox) and handles the logic in directing all electrical power throughout the vehicle body (lights, radio, wipers, doorlocks, etc,) and plays little to no role in Engine control or performance.
  • Found in the TIPM (fusebox), a fuse's sole purpose in life is to fail. Put into electrical circuits, it is designed to burn out when an abnormally high level of current begins passing through the system due to a short or other problem. It protects downstream electronics from damage (and in extreme cases, from vehicle fires). Sometimes, when an ECM/PCM seems to be completely dead and non-responsive, it is merely the ECM / PCM fuse in the TIPM that needs to be replaced.
  • IPM stands for Integrated Power Module. Only after 2006 did Chrysler add "T" for "Totally" and begin referring to the device as a TIPM.
  • Traces are the metallic lines you see criss-crossing circuit boards. They are the electronic highways that connect the various electronic components of the ECM's internal circuit board.