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Should you encounter any difficulties after installing a ECM purchased from us, we strongly recommend adhering to the following checklist prior to reaching out.  Following the checklist below should resolve many common ECM issues.


Soft Reset

Perform this task even if you’ve already done so once.

For vehicles
with Keys

Step 1

Enter your vehicle
and insert key into

Step 2

Turn Key to Aux/On
position just short of
Don’t crank.

Step 3

Hold for 120 Seconds.
Then, turn off and
remove key

For vehicles
with Push
to start.

Step 1

Push Start
button 2x

Step 2

Wait 120 Seconds

Step 3

Push Start button
again & start
as normal

Reconnect All Cables

Disconnect your battery cables and the ECM cables, then reconnect everything.
Ensure all the plugs are properly seated. Frequently, a loose cable can trigger a range of issues.


Battery Cables Check

Battery Cables Check. Ensure your battery cables are securely attached and tightly fastened. A loose battery post can also lead to a variety of issues. Check the state of charge of your battery. Optimally it is at least 12.6 Volts or more after vehicle has been sitting overnight.


Clear Codes

Make an attempt to clear any engine codes, if possible.

By following these steps, you may resolve common installation issues.
Should difficulties persist, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

How-to Video: Returning a unit